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This Balanced 3-Way Valve shows some of Valv-Trol's standard features.
A simple 2-Way Conversion From Normally Open to Normally Closed, or vice versa, can be made in the field with no additional parts. By simply removing the bottom cap and the diaphragm top assembly, the body assembly can be easily inverted and reassembled.




Spring Assembly
made up of only four components that seldom need disassembly because the diaphragm, packers,
and trim can be serviced completely without decompressing the spring.


Fabricated Top Assembly
more durable and more easily serviced than most other manufacturer's designs.


Easy Access and Service
To Internal Components removal of only six nuts and one clevis pin to separate housing from body.

Hardened Stainless

Steel Renewable Trim
for greater resistance to wear, wire drawing
and corrosion.

CDA922 Bronze Body Casting
pressure tested before and after assembly to ensure soundness of the valve body.

Hand Lapped Seating Surface
ensures drop-tight seal.

Skirted Disc
Protects seating surfaces and
provides gradual change in the rate of flow, which helps reduce shock when flow is started or stopped.


Balanced Hydraulic Design
gives smoother shifting and more reliable operation, especially at higher flow rates.



Options, Modifications, and Custom Designs

High Pressure Valves

Valv-Trol High Pressure Balanced Valves offer the smoothest
operation in applications up to
30,000 PSI (2070 Bar).

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Options, Modifications,
and Custom Designs

Valv-Trol offers Custom-Designed Valves and Special Modifications to handle your most difficult system requirements.

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