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OVER 65 Years of Valv-Trol History

1947—The Valv-Trol Company is founded in Akron, Ohio—the “Rubber Capital of the World”—by Robert E. (Bob) Ingram, Deloss O. Brown, and A. Dee Grover, and they set up their first shop in a small rented building. They see a need in the rubber molding industry to manufacture and repair VALVES and CONTROL components. Thus, the name
is born.


They develop and build their first valves for regional molders, and supplement their business by repairing and calibrating pressure gauges, thermometers, mechanical timers, and various other small controls used in the industry.

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1950—Mr. Ingram and Mr. Brown move the growing company to another location in Akron.


1953—Herschel L. (Hank) Henry joins the company as sales manager. Later that year, Hank becomes a partner and the company continues to grow by developing new products for the rubber industry.

1958—Valv-Trol expands into a newly constructed building in Cuyahoga Falls.


The product range includes many more custom valve designs and modifications for special operating conditions in the steel and aluminum industries. Pressure ratings on some “custom” valves go up from 3,500 PSI (240 bar) to 6,000 PSI (414 bar).

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Valv-Trol continues to design new Water Hydraulic Valves to fill the needs of forging and die-casting companies and customers with a wide range of custom requirements. The company’s drawing files grow greatly. Valv-Trol takes advantage of new materials and heat treatments to better resist corrosion and erosion, thus increasing valve life in difficult and dirty operating conditions.

1967—Deloss Brown retires, leaving Bob Ingram and Hank Henry as the managing partners.

1979—Hank Henry retires and Richard H. (Rick) Houck joins the company as sales manager. Later that year Rick is named Vice President and becomes a partner.

1980—Valv-Trol purchases a retired pumper truck from the local fire department and sets up an outside flow test stand. It allows the company to develop and confirm flow (Cv) ratings on valves up to 4” (100 mm) pipe size at different pressure differentials. These test results prove to be invaluable in recommending the proper size valves for later applications.

1980 photo

1983—Kenneth R. (Ken) Ingram, Bob’s son, joins the team as purchasing manager and partner.

1984—Ken is named President and assumes more of the engineering and administrative duties.

1990—Valv-Trol moves to its present location in Stow, Ohio.


The property and building allows the company to expand its machine shop and offices, and also allows room for better workflows and more efficient production of valves and parts.

Through the 1990’s...

• The High Pressure Water Valve business continues to grow until many custom valves become new “standard” models.

• Valv-Trol’s Engineering and Manufacturing expands to meet the demands for high pressure spray applications, such as sewer cleaning and hydro-excavating. Also, the demands for hydrostatic testing of pipe and hose, hydroforming, and regulating water pressures for the auto makers grow during this time.

A new line of Back Pressure Relief Valves is developed to give the automatic transmission and steering parts makers a way to control their plunger pumps. These flow-modulating valves are developed to maintain operating pressures as high as 10,000 PSI (690 bar). They are used for water spray and water blasting to wash, clean, and remove chips and burs after complex machining operations (high pressure debur).

1995—Bob Ingram retires.

The New Millennium...

Valv-Trol finds continued growth in valves used for the hydrostatic or pressure testing of pipe and hose. Testing with water to pressures as high as 30,000 PSI (2069 bar) demands rugged valves that can handle the high pressures and flow rates, while extending valve life and minimizing corrosion and erosion damage. With many years of high pressure water experience, Valv-Trol is the perfect partner for machine builders in this industry, and continues to custom design and manufacture OEM valves and replacement parts for others.

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With the growing emphasis on green technology, more companies are looking to take advantage of the superior fire resistance, low viscosity, low compressibility, cutting ability, and favorable environmental properties of high pressure water to meet their needs.

We haven’t forgotten our roots, and still give superior personal service to our rubber industry customers, as well as those in the water hydraulics, high pressure spray and debur industries. The Valv-Trol team has seen many difficult industrial water applications over the years, and we look forward to sharing our expertise and experience for another 66 years and beyond.

2020—On September 30, 2020, the 73-year history of The Valv-Trol Company saw another milesone. On this day, the owners (including family members of the 1947 original founder Robert Ingram) officially made the move to retire their legacy in the business.

On October 1, 2020 the company opened its doors under new ownership, but ownership committed to continuing and enhancing the Valv-Trol reputation for world-class, low-pressure and high-pressure valves, parts and associated services in the marketplace

The new company, Valv-Trol LLC, continues the “Valv-Trol” name in the industry with the same root name, same logo, same company address and same web site address (www.valv-trol.com). The products, parts and services available to Valv-Trol customers for the past 73 years continue to be available as always, but with a strategic intention to expand the product and service lines of the business going forward



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