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High Pressure Water System Design

Valv-Trol has many years of experience in designing High Pressure Water Systems. We specify and supply pumps, strainers, accumulators, control panels, and valves for large water systems, and assist with proper installation.

Typical applications include central water hydraulics and high pressure water
descaling of steel.

Genuine Factory Valve Repair

Valv-Trol offers complete professional valve repair and testing to new standards. No other company has the experience, knowledge and proper tooling to bring your Valv-Trol Valves to "like-new" condition.

Standard Parts Rework Program

Valv-Trol ensures lower valve operating costs with our repair service for normal trim parts. Most of our parts are originally designed with extra service life "built-in". In our Standard Parts Rework Program we remanufacture worn but serviceable discs, seat rings and pistons when we make our next run of new parts. This allows us to offer you low prices on a factory quality repair, without charging for special machine set-ups. If special quick turn around is required, we can make unscheduled set-ups, or ship parts from our "revolving" inventory of reworked parts.

Flow and Pressure Testing

Valv-Trol maintains both flow and pressure testing capabilities to ensure your valves will be properly sized and applied. Every valve (up to 30,000 PSI) is pressure tested at or above its operating rating. We also offer limited flow testing (up to 1200GPM) to determine pressure drop curves or flow factors (Cv) for various families of valves.



Options, Modifications, and Custom Designs

High Pressure Valves

Valv-Trol High Pressure Balanced Valves offer the smoothest
operation in applications up to
30,000 PSI (2070 Bar).

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Options, Modifications,
and Custom Designs

Valv-Trol offers Custom-Designed Valves and Special Modifications to handle your most difficult system requirements.

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