3 Critical Factors When Selecting a High Pressure Valve

When it comes to choosing a high-pressure water valve, there are a few critical factors that must be considered. 

A high-pressure valve needs to be durable and sturdy enough to cope with the extreme pressures of an industrial environment. The valve should also have durability that will stand up against harsh environments as well as temperature fluctuations that may occur during operation. In order to ensure the durability of this vital piece of equipment, high pressure valve manufacturers need to be certain that their products can handle critical industrial applications.  Many lower end valves found on the market today cannot stand up to these demanding applications. 

Today, the technology needed to create a high-pressure valve has advanced and selecting the most experienced valve manufacturer who has been producing valves for many years is extremely important.  It is critical that a buyer does their research before making a final decision. It is also important to ask as many questions as possible regarding the manufacturer’s warranty as well as a thorough investigation into the quality of their products.

There are a few factors which must be considered when looking for a high-pressure valve in order to meet all of your needs in any type of application. These factors will generally fall into 3 categories:

The Design of the Valve: It is very important to buy a high-pressure valve that is made with durable materials and has been designed with an internal structure that can withstand abuse expected from the intended application. The valve design must be able to withstand high pressures (with an appropriate safety factor) and you should feel confident knowing the valve design/technology has been proven in the market for the given application.  If a proposed valve does not look to be able to meet the necessary pressure requirements, it is best to stop and seek a better option for your high-pressure water valve needs.

The Volume of the Valve: The amount of water a valve is capable of handling will depend, in large part, on the material used to make the body of the valve. The valve pressure rating is directly determined by whether the valve is created using stainless steel or another material that may be able to withstand specific operational environments (higher temperatures, corrosive chemicals, etc.). 

The Temperature of the Valve: The temperature range in which this valve is capable of operating will also determine how long it will stand up to higher operating temperatures. If the temperatures are too hot in the operating environment, a high-pressure water valve that has been designed with materials that can withstand temperatures in excess of 100 degrees F (38 degrees C) or more will likely be required. If a high-pressure water valve is required to tolerate elevated operating temperatures, the buyer must pay particularly close attention when looking for the right valve online.

A high-pressure water valve is an essential part of any industrial operation and needs to function properly when installed. Choosing the right valve manufacturer can assure the buyer that the specified valve is a high-quality product that will last for years. 

Keep in mind the factors listed above when choosing your next high-pressure water valve.

Valv-Trol has been manufacturing high pressure valves since 1947 for a variety of industries that require a dependable and durable valve. We encourage you to discuss your needs with our team. We can walk you through our extensive valve selection and make sure it properly supports your application.