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About Valv-Trol

Our rich history and the people on our team are what make the Valv-Trol difference


Highly regarded for easy service and the most efficient use of interchangeable parts

Valv-Trol manufactures high pressure and low pressure valves, including 2-way valves, 3-way valves, check valves, and relief valves, for use in water hydraulic systems and other applications.
In addition, many engineers specify Valv-Trol Valves for oil hydraulic systems because Valv-Trol’s positive shut-off eliminates leakage inherent in other types of valves. This, in turn, reduces pump and system requirements.
The pilot operators for Valv-Trol Valves may be either pneumatic or hydraulic, depending on the operating requirement. Valv-Trol manufactures valves in standard diaphragm-operated models with ports to 4″ pipe size and standard pressure ratings to 3500 or 4000 PSI (240 or 280 Bar). Optional pressure ratings of up to 30,000 PSI (2070 Bar) are available in many sizes. Piston-operated valves with port sizes up to 10” are available on special order.
Valv-Trol Valves are known for being the most durable and easy-to-service.

Valv -Trol Solutions for Industrial and Professional:

Valv-Trol now offers an extensive catalog. Our expertise provides high-performance,
cost-effective manufacturing and technical know-how to meet a wide range of specifications.

These specialized capabilities include:


1947—The Valv-Trol Company is founded in Akron, Ohio—the “Rubber Capital of the World”—by Robert E. (Bob) Ingram, Deloss O. Brown, and A. Dee Grover. Valv-Trol sets up their first shop in a small rented building. They saw a need in the rubber molding industry to manufacture and repair VALVES and CONTROL components. Thus, the name VALV-TROL is born.

Valv-Trol developed and built their first valves for regional molders, and supplements the business by repairing and calibrating pressure gauges, thermometers, mechanical timers, and various other small controls used in the industry.
Valv-Trol continues to design new Water Hydraulic Valves to fill the needs of forging and die-casting companies and customers with a wide range of custom requirements. Valv-Trol takes advantage of new materials and heat treatments to better resist corrosion and erosion, thus increasing valve life in difficult and dirty operating conditions.


Charles Garrett


Chuck is a co-owner of Valv-Trol.
Chuck has over 25 years of IT, software, controls, and automation engineering experience in a wide variety of industrial environments. Chuck has done extensive work in the design, re-design, upgrade, manufacturing and installation of control systems tailored specifically to customer needs/requirements. Chuck has been an entrepreneur and business owner for most of his professional life and brings a practical, “can-do,” service-oriented approach to everything that he does.
Chuck is also the co-owner of St. Jude Automation (2018 to Present).
Chuck is here to add controls and automation capability to any valve application you may have!

Mark Lukowski


Mark is a co-owner of Valv-Trol.
Mark has over 40 years of engineering, installation, commissioning, project management, proactive and preventative maintenance and sales experience in the tube and pipe and related industries. Mark has done extensive work in the design and fabrication of mechanical mills, finishing equipment, hydraulic equipment and electrical systems. Mark began in the print department of Taylor-Wilson, and advanced to the position of Director of Product Technology for Fives Bronx. Mark has achieved success in all aspects of business from the ground up.
Mark is also an entrepreneur and is the Senior Engineering Consultant and co-owner of Tube and Pipe Services (2019 to Present).
Mark can handle any valve design challenge you may have!

Amy Boettin

Office Manager

Amy is our Valv-Trol Office Manager. Amy has been with Valv-Trol over 10 years. Amy understands your specific needs in new products, rebuilt products, spare parts and service. Amy’s excellent company and product knowledge, combined with her superior customer service attitude, makes doing business with Valv-Trol a pleasure. Amy is at Valv-Trol to service your customer needs.
Call and talk to Amy about how Valv-Trol can help you.

Bill Bedilion

Plant Manager

Bill is our Valv-Trol Plant Manager. Bill has been with Valv-Trol since 1994. However, Bill has been in the machining industry for over 30 years. There is not a piece of equipment in Valv-Trol that Bill cannot run nor anything about a Valv-Trol valve that Bill does not know. Bill can design, manufacture, assemble, test and service any valve need that you may have.

Give Bill a call with absolutely any valve-related question that you may be struggling with. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable on industrial valve design and manufacturing than Bill Bedilion.