Valv-Trol Welcomes Requests

Specializing in standard and custom high pressure valves for
water hydraulics and other high pressure water systems.


Valv-Trol welcomes requests for modifications to our standard valves so you are furnished exactly what you require for your application. We offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs for higher pressures, special fluids, flanged ports, special body or trim materials, quicker shifting, etc. Many of these options have become so common for us in recent years that they are now considered “standard” options. Please call us with your most difficult system requirements, so we can recommend the best valve to meet all of your price, performance, and availability needs

Heavy Duty

Right) vs. Standard Clevis Assembly

Standard Cup Packer

And Header Ring (Front), Low Pressure Seal (Left), and HD Polyurethane Seal with Bronze Cage and Header

Reinforced Actuator

Housing (Left) vs. Standard Housing

Some of our most popular customer requests include


3-Way Valve

1/2”, 20,000 PSI with Cylinder Opertor Stainless Steel Body with Autoclave Engineers Ports

2-Way Valve

1/2", 20,000 PSI Stainless Steel Body with Autoclave Engineers Ports

1”, 10,000 PSI

Dual PO Check Valve

2”, 7,500 PSI

2-Way Valve with Grayloc Connections

1-1/2”, 6,000 PSI

3-Way Diverters with Cylinder Operators

6”, 4,200 PSi

Flow Control Valve with 8” Flanges

2”, 3,000 PSI

2-Way Valve with Positioner

1”, 30,000 PSI

Check and PO Check Valve Assembly

1”, 4,500 PSI Flow

Control Valve with Motor Drive

1”, 10,000 PSI

2-Way Valve with Stainless Steel Body

1/2", 18,000 PSI

Four-Valve Manifold

8”, 150 PSI

3-Way Diverter

2”, 3,000 PSI, 3-Way

Valve with Air Regulator and Mounted Solenoid Valve

10,000 PSI

Pressure Reducing Valve-- Stainless Steel Body

Air Cylinder/Spring

Return Actuator on 3” Valve

5”, 4,500 PSI

Flow Control Valve Sleeve and Spooly

3”, 4,500 PSI

Flow Control Valve with Cylinder Operator, Servo Valve, and Position Feedback