Advantages to using a certified reconditioned valve program

For more than 74 years, Valv-Trol has been in the business of manufacturing and reconditioning high pressure valves. We service original equipment manufacturers- OEMs, distributors, and end users. We offer our customers a certified reconditioned valve program. 

Valve life expectancy is dependent on many factors including line pressure, temperature variances, contamination levels etc. By having an active reconditioning program in place, valves can typically last four to ten times longer. When using a reconditioned valve, savings can be maximized, and quality of service is increased. Here are a few of the many advantages to having a valve reconditioning program in place.


The quality of the certified reconditioned valves we provide is the same as we deliver with our new valve line. The valves and parts included are cleaned, inspected, and recertified to like new condition. Quality is our number one priority. 


The cost of using a certified reconditioned valve program is lower than buying new valves. After the initial cost of the certified reconditioned valve, there are no service, replacement or repair costs. Even though you are paying once for a product, there are other benefits to be gained. This one-time expense eventually translates to hundreds if not thousands of dollars that can be put towards other aspects of company expansion or put directly into your pocket over time. As the number of certification reconditioned valves used increases in comparison to newly manufactured ones, savings can increase exponentially.

Quality of Service:

The quality of service we offer ensures that businesses will stay in operation. All equipment is serviced using an in-house testing system. This ensures that operations can start and stop exactly as needed. When a certified reconditioned valve program is used, replacement parts are not needed for a longer period of time which means minimal down time. As a result, less labor hours are required thus saving money in labor costs and creating a competitive advantage over companies who do not supply reconditioned valves.

With the benefits and advantages of certified reconditioned valves, our customers will see an increase in their safety and the monetary savings that the company can achieve. We offer a full service of both new and reconditioned valves and can supply new product lines on request.

Our certified reconditioned valves go through a 100% clean up, inspection, and reconditioning service that brings the valves back to new condition. The only difference between these valves and new valves are the ages of some hard parts that are brought back to new condition. These valves have new soft parts (seals which are our new high-performance urethane unless otherwise specified) diaphragm, hardware, and fresh enamel paint. They go through the same testing procedures as our new valves and will generally have the same lifespan as new. 

Response Time – Production Up-Time:

In most cases, we can rebuild the valves our customers have on hand. These can typically be turned around very quickly.  After receiving the valve in our facility, we clean, evaluate, quote, and return to like new condition to get them back in service fast.

We are constantly adding stock to our reconditioned valve program. Contact us for current availability for reduced lead time on deliveries of high-quality valves at a lower cost.