High Pressure Spray

Specializing in standard and custom high pressure valves for
water hydraulics and other high pressure water systems.
They develop and build their first valves for regional molders, and supplement their business by repairing and calibrating pressure gauges, thermometers, mechanical timers, and various other small controls used in the industry.

Steel Descale Spray System

Model #D-1023,
4” 5,000 PSI Two-Way Valves are used in parallel to deliver a large volume of water to the spray ring. High pressure water spray is used to remove scale before rolling of a red hot billet or beam.

Water Jetting System

Model #D-1013-K-NO,
1-1/2” 10,000 PSI Two-Way Valve used to load and unload a high pressure plunger pump for high pressure water blasting.

Sewer Cleaner Truck

Model #C-0294-L,
1-1/2” 6,000 PSI Back Pressure Relief Valve used to regulate pump pressure on a jet-vac truck for cleaning underground piping or hydro-excavating.