Semi-Balanced 3-Way Valve

Specializing in standard and custom high pressure valves for
water hydraulics and other high pressure water systems.

3-WAY/2-POSITION, 500 PSI (34 Bar) VALVE

1” Model D-3906

The Valv-Trol Semi-Balanced 3-Way Valve is a simple, rugged diaphragm operated valve that can be used on power hydraulic systems. Typical applications include control of lift tables, press pushbacks, or other low pressure fluid devices up to 500 PSI (34 Bar).
These valves have corrosion resistant bronze bodies and replaceable trim of hardened stainless steel for a long service life.
The standard packing is well suited for use with raw water, 95/5, oil, or many other liquids up to 200oF (93oC). Alternate packings are available for steam or other higher temperature services.
They can be piped with any port to supply. They can also be selectively plugged to give 2-way N.O. or N.C. operation.
A to BB to C
The Valv-Trol Advantage .
Many parts of Valv-Trol Valves are interchangeable between the same size 2-way, 3-way, and check valves. This helps you to reduce your spare parts inventory and allows us to maintain a more complete inventory for your emergency availability and shorter lead times
Our valves are all subjected to 100% pressure testing to ensure a drop tight seal before we ship to our customers.


1” 500 PSI (34 Bar)


Valv-Trol's versatile valves have been designed for usage in a wide variety of industrial applications.